Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodbye April, Hello May!

It sure is a long bank holiday! to top it all off, hubby booked the day off tomorrow to send his car for M.O.T so he'll be back to work on Wednesday :)

I've been down in the dumps lately, no mood on crafting or taking pics (wont bore you why!) and hubby (bless him) is trying his best to cheer me up, but I'm happy coz i've won a giveaway at Bee Happy, thank you!

Hubby took me to town yesterday and I managed to buy a few stuff from TK Maxx.

Tins for tea, sugar and coffee that i couldnt resist though hubby says "I thought we already have tins for those?". I just answered we need a spare :)

..and a lovely union jack address book. Love the design! I do hope this month will bring luck and plenty of blessings for all of us! x Susan


  1. Oh Susan, I'm really sorry about whatever has you in a rut, I know that feeling and it isn't pleasant. I really hope whatever it is feels much, much better soon. Drop me an email if you need an ear!

    Those TK MAxx canisters are so gorgeous and your address book is so pretty xXx

  2. I hope your blues go away soon! What a good hubby for taking you shopping, that's good medicine:) I love your little tins, so darling!

  3. Sorry to hear you are blue...hmmm, but you see, I don't think it's a coincidence that you not only won a prize, but won it from a sweet place called,
    Bee Happy! Do you think God is trying to cheer you up? I do. He's saying that all is working out for your good, and that He loves you.

    I love you, too.
    Marianne xoxo

  4. Hope your giveaway gift cheers you up :) love your buys, and your answer to the canisters lol!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Dear Susan,

    Many thanks for your kind words and prayers last week for dear Pam.

    Last week's tea post was so lovely and also I am glad that you were able to pick up some cheerful cannisters and pretty book; hope you'll feel the blues goe away soon!

    Thanks for taking part with last week's TTTT and also with my
    80th, Tuesday Tea For Two..,

    We always love having you join in the fun with us!.., Hope to see you this week as well!

    Pam was much improved when they left for home last week; I'm delighted to be back in the swing of things once again with my own blogs as well!..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

    P.S.~ (I will be re-posting about the, May Mini Teapot Swap, for tomorrow.

  6. Cheer up sweet one. You have a blessed talent and I so enjoy dropping by this wonderful site. Lean on others when you need a reminder you are amazing!

  7. Hi Susan, you are so cheerfull you make me feel cheered up when I look at your page :). Homesickness isn't very nice but you are doing a good job to overcome it. I love your new cannisters..wish we had your store here in my town :)
    I feel like I have found a new friend when I look at your blog.
    Marilyn xx

  8. What lovely tins!!

    Hope you cheers up soon, I've been grumpy myself lately.

    Victoria xx

  9. I finally found Miss Tea!!!!!!!! And the sad thing is that I just visited you (your previous post) and I did NOT connect Susan/your post to the "Miss Tea" that left me my last comment and I was trying to find you. I am a bit slow????!!! Anyway, I am glad I found Miss Tea and I love her new canisters. ;)
    That was funny your husband saying: "I thought we had a set..." He probably said to himself, "We need a spare?? Well, I'm not going to take a chance and argue with her..." LOL!


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