Friday, May 6, 2011


Thank God It's Friday (again), Thank you for the lovely and uplifting comments on my previous post, I'm cheered up again and trying to be more optimistic and positive with life. Thank you again.

I did an easy craft today with a wooden door stop that I bought couple weeks back at Robert Dyas in town, I happened to misplaced them and while i was wondering what i should do today, i found them.

I painted two of them with red paint and use a wooden skewer for the white dots, I decoupage one of them using cath kidston's paper. I've been thinking of setting up a folksy account to sell stuff, we'll see.

It's just a random photo i took of my teddy bear that i bought awhile back in charity shop, also a Doris Day "Tea for Two" Musical greats video that I paid for 50p which i haven't got a chance to watch it as my video player is still acting up and it's been sitting there waiting :)

I wish everyone a wonderful and blessed weekend!! x Susan


  1. Those door stops are so, so cute! Who wouldn't want one of those? You've done a lovely job on making the polka dots even and really pretty against that gorgeous red background and the CK decoupaged one is fab! :-)

    I think you'd do really well with a Folksy shop hun, you should give it a whirl!!

    Really pleased you're feeling a little better and more cheerful, it's awful to feel homesick and down in the dumps, always around if you need an ear!

    Jem xXx

  2. Hello, Susan,

    I'm very glad you're feeling better...Your doorstop project came out just dandy! They are fun and cheery! I agree with should try a folksy shop. You create wonderfully attractive items. Anything important to you is worth trying...kiss it up to God, and begin flying! (ooo..I like that - LOL)

    Much love,
    Marianne xo

  3. The door stops are great! especially the cath one! nice work.

  4. Wow Susan, those doorstops are amazing, I especially love the polka dot ones. Hope you have a brilliant weekend.

  5. The doorstops look great, I def think you should give Folksy a go!

    Victoria xxx

  6. Folksy would be brilliant for you Susan, I said before you should try to sell your things. Oddly enough my nails are very similar to your doorstops (polka dotted, not long and wooden) and I was about to do a post on them!

  7. These look LOVELY! YOu are so talented. I love polka dots. Have a FAB weekend.

  8. My dear Miss Tea: I WANT ONE OF THE RED ONES! Seriously... HOW MUCH????!!! Email me!!!
    I have been wanting forever to get just a nice little door stop for my side door to prop it open... any that I have seen all look big, cumbersome, not cute. YOURS is cute/ADORABLE! I do hope it's small, size wise? Really, I WANT ONE OF THE RED ONES! It's gorgeous! email me! :)

  9. Hi Susan,

    Sorry I've only just read your last post! But I'm glad you're already feeling a bit better! I love your doorstops they are amazing!

    Can I ask where you got the paper for the decoupage? And how much the doorstops are? I'd love to try some myself! They look so professional! xx

  10. These are fabulous! You should def sell them! Might have to give this a go too with the old modge podge :o) Scarlett x


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