Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pink Saturday

Yay! it's weekend again, not that i have anything exciting at weekends, mostly just stay at home, relaxing with hubby but i always look forward to weekends as i have hubby's company for the whole two days! (i feel lonely on weekdays when he's working and i'm at home alone hehe).

This saturday however, one of my friends has her relative came to england from Indonesia for summer holiday and she asked me and others to welcome her relative by throwing a girls' night out party. I don't feel like going but one of my friends who lives near me says it wouldnt be fun without me *awwww am i a clown? hehe* but i'm touched and she even will pick me up later. I feel bad leaving hubby alone on saturday night, he will be lonely :)

..and no, i wont be using the pink bag and the pink top tonight, it's my contribution for pink saturday, i'd probably wear something dark..something black. as usual, but i always bring my small CK compact mirror in my bag.

It's been very windy these couple of days but i need to spray weed killer at the backyard later, not fun at all. I hope everyone will have a great Weekend! x

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  1. Hi hun, Hope you have a great night out, i know what you mean about it being nice having hubby for 2 days at the weekend, i think the same but my hubby working today so just me and my little boy doing the booty!

    The pink top and bag are fabulous, and of course you know i love a bit of CK! Scarlett x

  2. I hope you have a lovely night out this evening! You should wear one of your gorgeous summer dresses if you don't fancy black again, but I must admit I like to stick to black too :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. It's nice to support your friend's relative from Indonesia, as seeing your relatives was so important to you. I think this is and will be a good thing to do in the short and long run. You will see. Have a fun, fun time...

    Very pretty compact, purse, and top...Pretty things make me smile!

    Enjoy your night out,
    Marianne xoxo

  4. How sweet your blog is! Have a lovely night out on the town..Happy Pink Saturday! xo Tami

  5. Girls night out, how fun! I love your pink top and your girly girl purse:) Kyran and I mainly just hang out on his weekends too, he works Sunday thru Thursday though so I'm always by my lonesome on that day:(

    Have a wonderful time tonight!!!

  6. I hope you had a great time out. I love the CK compact mirror, vey pinky cute.

  7. I hope you was able to enjoy your night out Saturday evening if you had to leave your hubby at home!

    Victoria xx

  8. Have fun. I too have been battling the weeds, it's a endless job.
    Don't forget to Look in the Nook.


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