Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July

As i was feeling bored out of my skull watching tv and browsing old magazines and didn't feel like crafting as my poor fingers are still throbbing after hand-sewing the apron from my last post, not to mention the weather isn't improving but getting worst, I heard the postman dropped something heavy on my doorstop.

It's a package from my swap partner Jane at apocketfullofdaisys, I was squealing like a five year old and almost forgot to take pics in my moment of happiness to recieve these goodies! I joined Faith Hope and Charity Swapping and was partnered with the lovely creative Jane. It feels like Christmas in July when I opened the box :)

Great minds think alike! both she and I didn't know what we're going to send to each other and lo and behold! we sent each other a pair of cute candle holders! love the floral design on them!

she also sent me a teacup hanger, absolutely loving it, it's adorable!

She also spoil me with these cute wooden napkin rings with its lovely box.

..along with these lovely napkins, how perfect is that! :)

I really really love this beautiful bracelet she sent me as well, it's more beautiful than the one i made for her, gorgeous!!

and a sweet card that's just too cute! Can't thank you enough! x

Thank you for all the gifts, Jane! I love them all! Do visit her and follow her as she's having a lovely giveaway!

I do love swapping and this is my first time joining a swap, I heard that Faith Hope and Charity Swapping will have another swapping event near christmas. Would love to participate again!


  1. Those are beautiful gifts Susan and everything is so YOU! Especially that darling little teacup hanger:)

    I wish I could send you some sunshine! It's so warm here, it's hard for me to get motivated to blog!!!

  2. how cute! how have you been, we haven't talked in ages. the blog is looking great! take care hon! xx

  3. Such lovely gifts and how funny that you sent floral candlesticks to Jane too - I just saw what you sent over on her blog x

  4. O, Susan, what a wonderful surprise to brighten up a rainy day! Everything is wonderful, and I especially like the teacup holder, candle holders, and napkins. I just love embroidered linens.

    Enjoy, Enjoy!!

    Have a fabulous day,
    Marianne xo

  5. Hi susan so glad they arrived safely and that you like them all x
    I wasn't sure about the napkin rings but thought id still send them as if they're not quiet your taste then they would look fab painted and decoupaged ;) x

  6. What lovely gifts! I like the floral seems great minds think alike! The teacup hanger is really cute. Love the embroidered napkins! If there is a Christmas swap, I will try and take part as sounds like fun :)

  7. wow what a lovely swap parcel and they are so you! Didnt we all do well with our swaps, i'll be signing up for the next one too :o)) Scarlett x

  8. all so lovely you lucky thing! I like your blog x


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