Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Sale

The other day when a friend of mine picked me up and went to town, she didn't just took me to the job centre, after i dropped some job applications, we checked out some shops in town, I guess summer sale has started but i have to refrain to splurge though i'm so tempted! I managed to buy some that were on Sale.

A floral Dress with belt at Beales: was £27 bought it at £9
Cropped Denim Jacket at Next: was £32 Now £15
Necklace at New Look: was £6.99 Now £3.50
floral Tights at River Island: bought it for £3

Though it was drizzling and I had to pay the price of getting cold but i'm much better now, still abit of sniffles left but I also managed to buy some stuff from a charity shop too.

More Cross Stitch Projects complete with the wooden frames £3.50 for three, Mini vintage silver wine cooler £1.50, a pair of floral design Pomander for £1, Paragon floral design dish ware for £2 and of course I always, always check boxes with 50p each in every charity shops coz who knows you might find something worth buying like those Rose scented drawers liners (unopened), The Victorian Photo album and one pepper shaker with cherry design (i cant find the other one!) but for 50p each i didn't think twice of bagging them :)

I also bought two magazines that i'm going to be enjoying browsing through them today while wasting a box of tissues coz not only i got a cold, i also got hayfever, urgh but at least the weather is improving today!

Happy Pink Saturday and Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Susan,
    Hope you are sneeze free very soon, and that you enjoy Homes & Antiques, one of my favourite magazines.
    Happy Pink Saturday

  2. Sounds like you have been doing some serious bargain hunting! I love the dress..great price! Floral cute. Great finds at the charity shop..I am liking the sound of the 50p box! I hope you will be sniffle free soon! Enjoy the magazines :)

  3. Terrific bargains, hurry up and get better so you can wear them and show them off! Hope the weather is better, not so rainy.

  4. Very lovely dress & great prices. Hopeyou are better.

    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  5. Hello there Susan, it's me your lazy blogger friend! I'm so out of it lately with my blog!!! Your finds are lovely, I love the cross stitching. I bought a new one yesterday that was originally $10.99 on clearance for $2.99 then when we were paying it ended up being only 89 cents!!! Wow! I love bargains!

    I hope something turns up with your job search soon. As you know, I gave up on mine months ago which makes my hubby very happy cuz I'm home to spoil him rotten:)

  6. Ooooo..Susan, what great finds! The pretty flower dress is sooo you. I can't wait to see the cross stitch completed. Won't it be pretty? You bought home some sweet items.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Enjoy your day,
    Marianne xo

  7. You're going to love the 'Vintage' issue of Homes & Antiques! I'm so glad I picked it up as it's honestly one of the best magazines I've read recently :-)

    I love your finds - especially the drawer liners and the Paragon bowl!

    Jem xXx

    P.S Hope you've had a lovely weekend!!

  8. wonderful finds! You deserve to treat yourself. Hope your cold gets better. Hugs, good luck on the job search too!


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