Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea in the middle of August

well another not so fancy tea time tuesday for me, feeling abit moody and uninspired (blame it on PMS) and lazy to make anything other than put a kettle on and drink tea. Browsing the Country Tea Parties book (see previous post) and not much else, really.

and since i saw lots of my fellow tea party bloggers showing their collection of lovely roosters' teacups/vignette/decorations, i decided to use one as well for my tea time, bought the 4 cups and saucers from charity shops awhile back, cant remember the price anymore but i'm sure it's under £5 for the lot and it's by Johnson Bros.

i've been craving for chocolates these days,so i spoilt myself with Ferrero rocher while drinking English Breakfast tea. I kinda like the saucer as it has a cute design on it so took a pic of it to show you.

that's all from me, Have a lovely Tea Time Tuesday!

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  1. Hi Susan, sorry to hear you're not feeling as bright and breezy as you usually are. Love those cups and saucers. Keep drinking the tea!

  2. I love your birdie cups and saucers. They make me smile. Happy Tea Day!

  3. Your cups and saucers are adorable, Susan! Come over and see my visit to an English Cottage Tea Room in Iowa. I think you'll like what you see.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. Sorry you are feeling a bit blue, I have something to cheer you up though!! I saw something the other day and thought of you so am saving it for your birthday :)

    Love your teacups so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Yummy Chocolate, it is always a good answer to a quick 'pick me up'. I hope your blues will start to fade, I have been a bit down lately, think the cloudy weather doesn't help much. Enjoy your cups of tea though. I really like your saucer..so cute :)

  6. I just love your photography. Maybe you weren't inspired...but your post was! I love the cups and saucers. So cute!

  7. Susan,
    I love your sweet roosters and hope the tea and chocolate cheers you up!
    Another Susan

  8. I'm sorry you're feeling blah:( I always get the blues after my period...weird! Your photo's are lovely, I wish I could enjoy tea as much as you do. It sounds more fun than drinking water all day!

  9. What cute teacups, Susan. Sorry you're not feeling the best but chocolate should perk you up! I know it does me. Thanks for sharing this with Tea Time and stopping by to have tea with me.


  10. Ah, yes, the pms thing. Chocolate is, I believe, the correct remedy!

    Your charity shop cups and saucers are so pretty. I love the country side on the plates too.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us today.

  11. Pretty cups and saucers and chocolate- great combination, feel better soon...

  12. Mmmm...mmm..tea and Ferrero Rochers, any woman would so enjoy that pampering. Don't worry about not being inspired lately, Susan...it happens, and you are doing exactly what you should do~relax and go with the moment.

    I know creating is so enjoyable and makes the heart and soul sing, but sometimes we need a bit of calm and rest in our lives. I've been thinking that perhaps a glum or lazy feeling, and yes, even PMS is our psyches way of telling us what our body and soul need, a little rest.

    So don't worry, but rather enjoy the days of lounging around. Drink your tea from your adorable, cheerful rooster cups, eat some chocolate, leisurely browse through your Country Tea Parties book, dream of your sewing machine, and even take an occasional nap. Soon enough you will be refreshed to get back in the swing of creating.

    Wow, maybe I'll do some of that today on my day off - COL..

    Big hug,
    Marianne xx

  13. Hope you are feeling a little brighter now hun. Love your tea set and i too am a chocolate craver :o) Scarlett x

  14. Hi: Sorry about the PMS. I suffered so badly from that, so I understand. I hope you feel better now. Love the pictures today. Chocolate always makes things better. Blessings, Martha


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