Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weald and Downland

We actually planned to go to the Weald and Downland Open air Museum on Tuesday but it was pouring down with rain so i'm glad yesterday we finally managed to go there (thank you sunshine!)

Talking about travelling through time and see collection of historic buildings dating from 13th to 19th century in 40 acres of beautiful picturesqe sussex countryside, boy i'm knackered! I'm only going to show you some photos which i think my fave or not so boring but i took loads of photos that i dont want to flood blogspot with them all :)

The Bayleaf Farmstead house with a beautiful garden complete with a field of hops and tamworth pig close to the house, lots to see and many things to do mostly for kids though, lino printing, learn to knit, basket weaving, corn doll making and even a session to attend a victorian school for children with the school teacher wearing a victorian costume,to name a few.

Poplar cottage is my 2nd fave after the Bayleaf farmstead house, but i'm not so sure i wanted to live in those era coz i dont fancy going to their oh-so-unappealing loo. Just sit in that round gaping hole when u do your business, but if u move forward a lil bit and look down, u can actually see what's come out from the hole, the loo is on the 2nd floor and whatever comes down from the hole will become manure or so they told me *eww*

Passed by more houses, went inside each houses and walked up to the narrow and steep staircases, noticed lots of dried flowers either hung up or on the floor, snapping photos everytime, exhausting but kind of fun especially when we went to see the mill house where they made a wholemeal flour and again passed by more barns, granary and stopped to see the Shire horses, though i'm not too keen on getting too close coz they're huge!

and tasting the oh so fresh flatbread made traditionally in one of the kitchen in the Tudor house by this lady, yummy!

Those flatbread tasting made us hungry so we went to have a picnic near the duck pond, I purposely brought my own food, some sandwiches and blueberry muffins. Fed the duck with the leftover. Oh fun!

and after about 4 hours or so walking, our last stop was the museum shop, i only bought a fridge magnet as i like collecting it whenever i go somewhere as a souvenir and a real horse shoe which they sell after not being used anymore from the horses, well for luck! :)

That's all for now, if tomorrow's going to be bright, we might head down to town and watch something in the cinema or even a visit to a pub for lunch but if not, there's always a take away and pay per view on cable :P

I think i've had enough sheeps, cows, donkeys and horses for one day though they're all soo cute, everytime passing by a huge field to get to one house to the next :)

next time..i'd prefer to pay a visit to a miniatures houses, might not take hours to walk, u think? :)


  1. Looks like a fabulous day out! And you earnt that lunch with all the walking :o) Scarlett x

  2. I so love the picnic photo by the river xx

  3. It looks like a really fun place to go and visit. I love the photo's you have taken! The cottages are so lovely, but yes..not sure I would want to use that loo :P Your picnic looks pretty yummy..a blueberry muffin sounds good right about now. Enjoy the rest of the week!! :)

  4. Beautiful setting, can see why you took so many pretty photos. A day of fresh air and sunshine, sounds lovely.

  5. My goodness, Susan, thank you for sharing that with us!!! I truly enjoyed it. I think it's amazing that houses from the 13th century and older still exist. I've always loved that. I thin of the people who lived there all those years ago. Of course I'm sure I romanticize the time period, but the 'loo', as you say, certainly bursts that bubble doesn't it? Eww is right.

    The landscape is beautiful, and the sheep photos are so quaint - the stuff artists are inspired by. Your picnic looks yummy - the open air museum day seems like a lot of fun.
    I can't imagine doing that here (Texas) will be 103 again.

    Ta-ta for now,
    Marianne xox

  6. How fun! I love visiting the working village museums in the UK. And I LOVE shire horses. But aren't they HUGE! We went to a Shire Horse center in the Cotswolds, but that was just the horses not a neat village as well. Must have made you feel like a midget!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, how quaint and beautiful everything is Susan! You really make me want to go back and visit England:) Ask your hubby if he knows of Harrogate, Yorkshire...that's where I was born and lived until the age of 8. I dream of being able to go back and visit, see my old house and my first school!

    Lovely pics my friend, thank you for the little road trip:)

  8. thanks for sharing your lovely day out. I think I should make an effort to go there too, its not too far away from me as I am in Hampshire. I see what you mean about the toilet in cottage number 2!! lol, I think I would feel the same! bee x

  9. oh, thats making me homesick. Your picnic, and the day look delightful x

  10. this looks like a great are such a beauty in that photo. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. (btw, the sleeping sheep are so cute)


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