Thursday, September 1, 2011

At a friend's House

Yesterday, a friend of mine picked me up to have lunch at her house, truth to tell that i've been eyeing her apple tree for awhile now to ask a few :) and saw lots of the apples have fallen to the ground in her back garden, some reds and some green but she said it's cooking apples and so glad she offered if i wanted to pick them since she has had enough of making apple crumbles and still there are more apples that it would be a waste to just let them fall down so armed with a ladder to reach the higher ones I picked some :)

I've been wanting to make an apple chutney and found a recipe from Jamie Oliver which I wanted to try and make it this saturday, wish me luck!

I also love her garden, with a small allotment where she grows carrots, tomatoes etc separately from the flower beds, she gave me some flower seeds as well to bring home, too bad the pear tree next to the apple tree only got a few pears on it but we picked one and it tasted yummy though i'm not too keen on pears :)

That's her with her daughter Natasha, the sweet little girl always love taking pics with my camera but thought i should take her pic for a change, it's nice to hang out with friends especially when she also cooked yummy lunch :)

another friend of ours dropped by as well with her little boy who loves playing bubbles and always smiles whenever i took his pics.

I've been busy looking for cheap sewing machine as hubby gave me a budget *boo* for my birthday gift and while we were browsing through catalogues in my friend's back garden, saw one at argos for just £60, so we'll see! off to check out my lovely ladies' blogs now! x


  1. It sounds like you had a nice visit over at your friends. That worked out really well that you were able to get some free apples, let me know how the apple chutney recipe, from Jamie Oliver goes. I made his cranberry sauce recipe for Christmas, and that turned out really lovely. Rob has all his cookbooks :P
    Happy shopping for a sewing machine! I have no doubt you will put it to very good crafty use :)

  2. That looks like a lovely way to spend the day, food, friends and a gorgeous back garden :-)

    I bet your chutney will turn out to be delicious!! Can't wait to see it it made!

    Jem xXx

  3. What a nice visit you had:) Oh, a new sewing machine...that's exciting! I'm sure you can find a good one, even with a budget.

    Hubby and I are heading off to North Carolina tonight so I'll be back with lots of pics!

  4. What a lovely day! I wish you lots of luck with the chutney - looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Yay for a new sewing machine. You can get some bargain new ones on ebay too, worth checking it out. Scarlett x

  5. Sounds like a fun day, Susan. I'm sure the chutney will come out good - you always make such wonderful food.

    Your sewing machine in on its way! Yeaaa!!!!


  6. Good luck with the apple chutney!

    Victoria xxx


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