Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Pumpkin :)

Happy 46th Birthday My Darling Husband

Today is my hubby's birthday, I've wished him twice, last nite when the clock striked at midnight and in the morning when he first woke up. I made him his fave breakfast in bed with bacon and a hot pot of coffee. He wanted a relaxing time on his birthday as he's been stressed out lately with his new project at work as a computer programmer, so I kept tip-toeing around the house so he could have alot of rest and so glad that I've baked the cakes yesterday!

The cake above is called "Dundee Cake" which my husband's fave and requested me to make as his birthday cake, my first time baking it, a bit burnt and cracked in the middle but he loves it.

The second one is called "Victoria Sponge Cake" which we are both love, especially me :) coz i dont particularly like a cake that has too much dried mixed fruits in it like Dundee cake so he can have it all by himself while this one I can share it with him and his colleagues at work which I need to bake another one later as i just found out it wont be enough for 10 people :)

I gave him 3 books from his fave author for a birthday gift that he wanted to add to his collection, his parents and only sister called and asked when he could drop by as his parents dont drive and his sister lives quite far from us, so we will try to find the time to visit them this week, hopefully.

I've set the table, prepare 3 course meal for two which consist of, chicken with sweet corn soup for starter, Rib Eye steak with roasted veggies for main course and a chocolate pudding from GU as a dessert. Lovely meals he said and I'm glad he has a nice relaxing and a quiet birthday that he wanted, time to wash the dishes and clean up and join him watching some movies he loves.


  1. Susan, You made a lovely day for him! You spoiled him, and I can tell he loved it and deserved it! The Victoria sponge cake looks great - would you share the recipe?
    Blessings to both of you, Beth

  2. Ah, what a lovely birthday! I'm glad you both enjoyed it. Everything looks and sounds sooo yummy-licious! Birthdays are grand!

    Thank you for sharing...


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