Monday, February 28, 2011

They've Been Framed

I just love frames, I love playing with frames, do whatever I want with frames, it's just fun and easy craft, I think. I love going to the thrifty shops and buy frames cheap, I bought 3 good medium sized frames for £2.50 and some costs £1.50 or single frame for 50pence or less, I took them home and give them a makeover.

..and not only they're easy to decorate, I can change the color, the inside of the frames to whatever I want, I did this awhile back, I had some scrapbook leftover that I could use and then re-painted the frames.

Spring is coming and I wanted to look for more frames to play with, add more colors and flower pictures, I just love spring!

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  1. aww you're so good at transforming stuff - these frames look fab :o) Scarlett x

  2. They look wonderful with your makeover! I did the same thing with some old frames yesterday:) It's fun to do and much cheaper than buying them that way!

  3. Yes, what a wonderful transformation! You gave the frames 'new birth' - just like Spring!


  4. These are gorgeous! You've done a marvelous job embellishing them.

  5. Hi, Susan...I suppose I'm just missing you, because I'm skipping through your blog looking at some older posts.

    I really do like the way you painted the frames white. It perked them up so prettily and gave them a much more cheerier look...coupled with the picture inside, they made me smile.

    Be well, my darling, and I hope you are able to get back to crafting.

    Marianne xo


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