Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's finally here! the celebration of Love and romance and for me, I think those who have lived their lives for 365 days filled with love are those who deserve more to celebrate on this day, those who have shown their love unconditionally not only to loved ones but also to others be it their homes, their pets and most of all to GOD. I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! Spread the Love stay in Love and not just on Valentine's Day.

I've done a little bit of decoration with Love theme, I made the hearts garland from felt and gingham fabrics and put them on top the mantelpiece, I made the heart shaped curtain's hanger from felt as well as the XOXO decoration and filled them with polyester fillings, I can't wait for tonite's candlelight dinner at home with my husband once he comes home from work :)

I've set the table for two and going to cook something special for him and then enjoy the chocolates and cookies while watching some romantic movies, I already picked two movies that we're going to watch together, The Lake house that we love so much and Valentine's Day.

I'm excited and I can't wait! :)

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  1. All I can say is Just Beautiful. Happy Valentine Day.

  2. Woweee...what a super fabulous are enchanting me with all those dazzling sweets and treasures!! gorgeous!!
    Happiest V-day ever!

  3. What a lucky husband!!! Everything looks sooo beautiful, Susan...(will you marry me, too?)

    Seriously, I'm very impressed - a perfectly divine Valentine's Day reception. You are a sweet,lovely woman. You worked hard, but happily at all of this, and it shows.

    Have a wonderful evening renewing your love.

  4. Susan, I think you mentioned a little while ago that you were looking for a book with tea quotes. Well, Katrina from Tea Pages responded to me today, and said that, though her book will not have quotes, there is a book by Aarin Fisher called "Tea Wisdom". It was published last year. I hope this helps.



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