Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Bake

I was going to bake heart cookies for valentine's day yesterday but since hubby wasn't feeling too well and there are so many house chores to do so I could only do it today, I'm still learning how to bake and cooking, my husband is usually the one who cooks and he loves cooking and he taught me how as I've never cook in my whole life before, bless him for teaching me and for the patience he's shown me. I am now can make simple cookies with the recipe book he bought it for me.

I used the ready rolled icing for the cookies as I wanted it to look neat, then decorate them with butter and cream with pink food coloring, it was fun and i made it especially for him, well i tell a lie, I made a bunch that is enough to give to his parents and his colleagues tomorrow at work on St. Valentine's day.

although he'll be working tomorrow and i dont think we'll go out anywhere, i have promised him a candle light dinner at home tomorrow once he comes back from work, I'm excited!

1 comment:

  1. aww lovely cookies - well done :o) Im not one for baking but am setting myself the challenge of learning how to make cupcakes over the next couple of months! eek! Happy Valentines Day, Scarlett x


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