Saturday, February 12, 2011

No talent for painting

I know since an early age that I'm not very good in drawing, when i was still in kindergarten or in junior high school, I always painted the same picture of two mountains by drawing two triangles side by side and then a half circle in the middle as if it was the sun that was about to rise, other than that...I'm crappy in drawing other things that are more complicated.

I saw so many talented people who could draw beautiful paintings, shabby chic style and I just feel so envious that I thought to myself, let's give it another one last try, so i bought a set of cheap acrylic paint and sat on my dining room table for like..eternity and after 3 scrunched into a ball painting paper that I threw in a trash bin, I finally finished painting this pink roses. (the flowers are artificial btw) :).

I have to say I have an improvement but again, it took me hours to paint this, so i'm not sure i want to do it again and I have to tell myself to stop and accept that I just don't have the talent for it, but i do love my flower vase, it's my fave! :)

I hope everyone have a great weekend! x

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...And check out the Valentine's day giveaway from Debbie's blog, you're gonna love the sentiment pillows she made, they're just lovely!! I would love to win it! :)


  1. I think you did a fabulous job!!! That's much, much better than anything I could paint!

  2. I think you did a great job witht he painting! Frameworthy in fact. Keep trying, nobody is born with the talent to draw, it takes practice:>) Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. I think it looks beautiful. I just read something the other day, not sure where, but it reminded me that you have to practice at whatever you do to get great at it. I get upset sometimes because I can't get something to look just the way I want it too. But you have work at it. And there are always things that we are better at than others. I have to say I am doing this Sketchbook Challenge and sometimes I look at the art from even the pro's and wonder...... I believe its all in the eyes of the beholder:-) So if you enjoy art, do it and enjoy it.

    Happy Pink Saturday!!!

    Warm Wishes and Happy Valentine's Day, CindyLew

  4. I think your painting is quite beautiful! I think you are selling yourself short! If you had fun - then that is the ticket! Happy Pink Sat.


  5. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for stopping by today; so nice of you! I think you did a wonderful job! I come from a family of artists and I say keep it up! Practice makes perfect. When I painted years ago, I always sketched first and then painted over it. I don't paint any more because my hands don't like to hold a paint brush.
    If it brings you enjoyment and you're happy with the outcome, then by all means keep it up! Wishing you a Happy Valentine Pink Saturday!


  6. We're always our worst own critic but if it wasn't fun I wouldn't do it. Happy Pink Saturday and Valentine's Day.

  7. Your art looks great to me! Art doesn't need to be perfect anyway.
    May you have the sweetest of Pink Saturdays!

  8. Susan, dear....Not bad at all! You really did a great job. Flowers are not always easy, but you managed to reproduce very nice give yourself a big smile in the mirror and say, "I did it!"

    And if this helps...Vincent Van Gogh, in a letter to his brother said, "The thing has already taken form in my mind before I start it. The first attempts are absolutely unbearable...." Wow, I can relate to that. He also said, "I am always doing something I can't do yet, in order to learn how to do it." So see, we are in good company.

    I agree, your vase is beautiful, and you painted that very nicely, too. So don't despair. If you want to paint, then paint, and if not, that's fine too.

    Just one thing I've learned (and sometimes must still remind myself), that is, never compare yourself to others or their accomplishments. It will usually end in not thinking you are as good, and it will discourage you from trying. Always try.

    I like your blog very much. Have a great weekend,


  9. Ahh, Susan, thank you for the birthday song and fond are a sweetheart!

    And yes, you've got the idea...keeping trying whatever your heart desires. Whatever it is you venture to do, it will be 'you', not anyone Else...and there is only one 'you' in the whole world - so think how special that is....hmmmm...maybe I should remember that, too.(tee, hee).

    Have a beautiful day, and a lovely St. Valentine's Day♥♥♥

    Marianne xo

  10. Happy Pink Saturday!

    We all have art withing ourselves...keep making art. Try different techniques until you find the one for you.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. I am an artist and I think your painting is very good. Do it the honour of framing and a place of notice in your home. Not everyone has the courage to put brush to paper. We are all our worst critics when it comes to our own art. Keep plugging away at it. Beautiful things come from taking the time to try.


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