Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knit meets Purl

The sun is shining outside but i fancy abit of knitting, I love bows and when i was a child, i remembered my mother always put some bows, either on my hair as a pin or on my dresses, I decided to knit a bow to put on my red dress that is made of wool, I chose red and white as it goes with the dress and I also knitted a union jack patchwork (i think that is what it's called) just because i had some more spare time after I finished the bow.

...and i always thought that I feel like a five year old trapped in a 32 years old body, I still feel like i'm a child who loves to play dressing up game with those cute little bows on my dress or on my hair, I'd like to share some of my bows collection on the dress, coat, top, shoes, hair and even on a ring that I bought when I moved to England 3 years ago and needed a new wardrobe, I just can't get enough of it...

I will be busy cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom the whole day tomorrow, i must say I dont particularly like the thought but one got to do what one got to do, right? Have a wonderful day!


  1. Your knitting is wonderful. I like your bows, and I've never seen a bow ring ~ how inspiring!

    I like shabby chic, too. And never, never stop keep your post up of what you want, because that will make it come.

    Good luck job hunting, though I see you working so well with children - creating, singing, laughing, loving...I don't know, I just see you that way.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Marianne (big hug)

  2. You are so talented - I adore your knitted designs, its the one craft ive not been able to learn to do. I love the union jack knitted piece - would make a great bunting design.
    Scarlett x

  3. Oh I wish I could knit! I can cross stitch but have never got the hang of knitting. My grandma was really good at it. I love your long hair, it looks so silky and healthy! Have fun cleaning the kitchen:)


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