Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer Wishlist

I always love shabby chic style in decoration and I always wish that I have the money to buy what I wanted just like that, but right now money is tight and my husband is the only one brought food to the table, so while I'm still looking for a job, I can dream a little dream. I wish....

(01) Shabby chic style Butler's tray that I saw on ebay.
(02) Shabby chic style plant stand, might be a good addition on my patio.
(03) Shabby chic style Wall Garden Clock (i would feel like i'm in paris!)
(04) Shabby chic style bedside clock and all of those I found on ebay but can only look and marvel on the photos for now..

Well i'll just keep this post on the "Wishlist" category, coz who knows, this summer I can be able to afford them or someone somewhere bought it for me....One can dream..can one? hehe

...I'm off to cook dinner before hubby comes home now.

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