Tuesday, March 1, 2011

George and Dragon

Well, George and Dragon is the name of a pub near where we live, hubby wanted a pint of a traditional Ale and I'm hungry, we initially wanted to go to the pub called "The Vine" as that is my husband's fave pub but when we arrived, it's closed for renovation, so we came to George and Dragon instead.

The weather is double freezing! So happy to see the fire warming the pub from the fireplace, I chose to sit next to it coz I was shivering! Ordered Prawn Toastie sandwich while hubby had his sausage and onion sandwich, he's enjoying his beer. I love the decoration in the pub, still has its old touches, the beams, the big fireplace, the silver trays on the walls and some trenchers hanging on the ceiling at the bar side, I also saw a husky lay asleep comfortably while its owner was chit chatting at the bar! Very homey.


  1. oooh it looks so cozy with that fire! Its been really chilly today so I would love to have had a pub trip. Scarlett x

  2. Oh my..what a fabulous place..you lucky girl!! looks gorgeous and full of magic!! shine on!


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