Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a Little Card

I would like to say thank you to my dear blogging friend Marianne who has been so kind to share her tutorial in making a teacup card that has a pocket for a tea bag, she's so very talented, I love her fairy drawings in the cards that she made and I wish I could draw just like her! (not a chance i say). If you wanted to make yours, you can find the tutorial in her lovely website Here.

I made one today, coz I can't draw for the front of the card, I just use a card that I already have and bought a long time ago from Miss Peacock, the inside is blank so it's easier for me to use it for this project, I just find a teacup cutout and use my leftover scrapbook paper and printed out a little sentence for the left side of the card and just glued them and added a Lady Grey Tea bag in the pocket so Voila!

Thanks again Marianne for sharing the tutorial for me to get inspired and make my own, you're so kind! Have a Blessed Day!


  1. aww thats so cute, is there anything crafty you can't do?? You are so talented with all your makes. Scarlett x

  2. Susan, your card is superb!! I really like your teacup - I might have to try one like that, too.
    And I adore the way you used the pretty paper under the cup - perfect!!

    My computer was down, yesterday, so I couldn't check your lovely blog - then I had to work. But today, I was so surprised to see your card. I'm glad you took the plunge! - aren't you?

    Big hug,

  3. That is so pretty, Susan! Love it!
    Blessings, Beth


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