Monday, March 7, 2011

Planting Herbs

I love cooking with herbs and so we decided to plant some herbs that we use often in my cooking and we also try to plant tomatoes from the seed in a plastic container that they sell in my local supermarket when we grocery shopped a week ago. I have to put them in the windowsill where they can get alot of sun, I still need to buy some more herbs in the garden centre soon and also some flowers' seeds for my backyard.

Actually, I dont have the green thumbs for planting, my mother in law likes to give me a pot of plants for me and she has a nice garden and plants inside her house, most of the times most that I planted dont last very long, either I forgot to water them or they just suddenly died on me, but I just have to keep trying and read more books about gardening *teehee*.

The three metal containers are for Basil, Chives and Oregano that we bought in Sainsburys and it's a set of three, while the tomatoes and another basil plastic pots are sold separately, the tomatoes will be moved soon to a larger pot, hopefully they wont die on me! just gotta keep a closer eye on them. I wanted to plant strawberrys and Pumpkins as well but we'll see how it goes :).

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  1. Wonderful idea to use the cans for plants! beautiful even hearts.
    So lovely!

  2. Your window looks so pretty with the tied back curtain and the little plants:) I also have been doomed with the brown thumb but I'm trying! I have Morning Glory out on my deck which is doing pretty good (knock on wood) and I am also growing some herbs...parsley, sweet basil and chives and so far so good with that also! Happy gardening to you:)

  3. Great use of cans!! Ive also been known to kill a plant or two but ive so far got 3 house plants going strong. Your herbs will be fab! Scarlett x

  4. Beautiful pictures. Using cans for plants is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Karie


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