Sunday, March 6, 2011

Storrington's Tea Rooms

A visit to a village called Storrington was lovely, it's about 30 mins drive from where I live, The weather seems agreable and we could do with a bit of exercise by walking around the village town. Lovely shops from antique shop, craft and of course tea rooms, my favorite!

I saw there are two Tea Rooms in the village, I was confused which one to choose to have our tea, hubby decided to choose for me, we had our tea in the tea room at the end of the street, closer to where we parked our car.

We did however went in to take a peek of the first tea room, it's so beautiful coz it's also a tea shop selling teacups and plates and even shabby chic decorations, lovely place but abit expensive when i look into the price tags :) but I want to come here again and have tea in the other tea room :)

I hope everyone has a great and blessed Weekend!


  1. Looks fabulous, what a great way to spend the day :o) Lovely photos as always. Happy Sunday Scarlett x

  2. How perfectly lovely to be able to stop for tea in such quaint tea rooms. And I do so like that we get to tour England with you. It's almost like being there. Thank you.



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