Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Playing with Paper Dolls

First of all, I'm sooo Happy that I won a giveaway from Lakota at FaithHopeandCharityShopping, furthermore I won a "Stitch" book from Cath Kidston, I'm a CK fan and I love all of her designs, so this is like a double winning for me and I will be taking pictures of the book when it arrives, Thank you so much for hosting the GIVEAWAY, Lakota! Check her blog and follow her " Adventures in Vintage and Thrifting, the quest to find a new favourite thing, and always liking change from a fiver!" (quoted from her blog).

I also want to thank the lovely ladies for the get well wishes on my husband, he's much better now although he's still off work and resting at home. I was looking for something to do that dont require too much time and energy, I have an extra frame that I have painted white awhile back and haven't put any pictures in it, I found a lovely website called Betsy McCall Paper Dolls, printed out some of her cute outfits and frame it :)

I remember when I was a little girl and used to love playing with paper dolls, I love to dress it up with different paper outfits and tried to make my own but really have no talent for drawing unless my mom bought me a coloring picture book, i guess it's easier to color something or paint something than drawing something for me :)

Have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. Oh thats such a sweet idea framing it - looks fab! I used to play with these paper dolls and the outfits too when I was little. I cant draw either :o( never mind hey, i'll stick to bargain hunting lol. Glad hubby better :o) Scarlett x

  2. Hi, i had a pack of 20 CK napkins and used only half the pack, its amazing how much they cover! Just make sure you only use the top part or the napkins (the other two layers are just plain and the design will side it you dont remove it). Good luck with finding a chair, after your bookcase finds I'm sure you'll spy one in no time. Scarlett x

  3. hello hello nice blog you have here!so glad to find u here!fels like old days. i love your photos too!gorgeous photos. keep in touch
    xoxvo lrila
    p/si love cath kidston too

  4. I will get it in the post to you as soon as I can - might need to get some jiffy bags first (disorganised). Those paper dollies look lovely framed - would be so cute in a little girl's bedroom.

    I could have sworn Scarlett's comment said Cath K NAPPIES - I was seriously imagining floral babies' bums! (Hmm, I might be onto something there, I bet loads of bloggy mums would buy them!)

  5. What a sweet idea to frame that, so cute! I also used to love paper dolls when I was little, they were so much fun:)

  6. i love it! thanks for the sweet comments on my post and for partying with me! this is so me. as a matter of fact my daughter has paper dolls framed and hung in her room. i love them! xx

  7. Your paper dolls are just gorgeous and look so pretty framed! :-)

    Jem xXx

  8. Ohhh Susan...she is so cute!! :) I can just picture a different girl in each frame with different outfits hung up in a little girls room or someone's sewing space.

    Hugs to you,


  9. i featured you!!!


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