Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tea or Coffee?

My love for tea is still the same but i've been losing sleep since my husband fell sick these last 4 days, i havent baked anything to accompany my tea time, so in order for me to stay awake, I've been having lots of coffee, capuccino is my favorite with chocolate sprinkled on top in the shape of a heart :)

The mug i'm using was my birthday gift last year from one of my friends, it comes with the heart shape duster, I love the words on the mug too since i'm a chocoholic :)

I guess it's too much to ask that the weather would stay sunny like last week, it's back to the usual gloomy and drizzling, i'm gonna have to walk to the nearest supermarket to buy some bread and milk coz we ran out and we usually do our weekly grocery shopping on tuesday. I wish I can drive but I cant, I hope it's okay I'm posting coffee on Tea Time Tuesday! :)

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  1. That heart shape duster is the cutest idea ever! Not seen that before but I'm already wanting one now :o) Just gloomy here too, will try and get to some charity shops this afternoon hopefully. Scarlett x

  2. You two are going to whack me over the head in a minute but it's gorgeous and sunny here! :-O

    Jem xXx

  3. Cute cup here...have you tried chocolate tea? It is a fun variation for drinking!

  4. I hope Your Hubby feels better soon. That is just and adorable cup. I love it.

  5. Mmm, cappuchino with chocolate. Now you're talking! So much better than that tea business ;-)

    I have some good news for you - you won the Cath Kidston part of my giveaway over at my blog - come see! x

  6. Hi Susan,
    Oh, I do hope your hubby feels better soon! You are more than welcome to share coffee instead of tea at my party. I love that sweet chocolate heart on top of your capuccino! Have a lovely day and thank you for joining me.


  7. I love it all.Generally, I do tea at home and coffee when I'm out and about.Take care.


  8. Beautiful mug, Susan. I love the heart, You have very thoughtful friends...Christine

  9. Susan, I hope your hubby feels better very soon. I wasn't familiar with a duster, but it surely does make a beautiful drink! I like both coffee and tea. Take care.
    Blessings, Beth

  10. Susan, no worries about posting coffee, you need the caffeine to keep up with your day!
    I hope your dear hubby feels better very soon.

  11. I hope you can get some rest and that your dear husband feels better soon.

  12. Mmmmm...your cappuccino looks sooo good and the heart makes me feel so happy :)

  13. Your mug is adorable...love it!
    I hope your husband is feeling better!

  14. Popping in to say hello and hope your hubby is feeling well soon.

  15. cute cup, like the idea of adding a feature shape duster


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