Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Happy Pink Saturday! it's a glorious day, the sun is shining, the neighbor's dog is barking, my hair is still not as straight as I wanted it to be and hubby is complaining why women dont accept what they are and asked why do I bother to straighten my curly long hair for hours while other straight haired women curl theirs.I just rolled up my eyes and said another wrong thing, I dont have anything to wear for my friend's birthday party tonight! again hubby in his matter of fact way calmly opened the wardrobe and pointed out all my clothes that has occupied at least 90% of our shared wardrobe *grins*.

Anyways, while I was contemplating on what I'm gonna wear, I heard the sound of Ice Cream Van passed by our house and stopped across the street, I wanted to ask hubby to buy one for me before it goes away but instead I grabbed my camera and took a pic from the window coz the van is pink and it's cute!

I'm sure i'll catch it again tomorrow and will be lining up with the other kids to buy Ice Cream.

As promised, here are the goodies that I bought in town. A quite big bird house from TK MAXX that is having a sale UP to 80%, it was £7.99 but I bought it for £3, i will of course will give a makeover to that bird house, maybe a decoupage, who knows.

3 Metal Plague/Signs from £2.50-£3 and again it was £7.99 also in TK MAXX, too bad they dont have the one with word TEA but i think I will also do makeover in the future.

and Lastly, a Fabric Bunting from Maison Vintage collection in BHs was on sale for £4.80 was £12.

I'm quite happy with my shopping trip yesterday, I'll be checking my friends' blogs before i go out later in the evening coz i think i'll be coming home in the wee hours in the morning and might be a bit tipsy and will wake up very late on sunday :)

Have a great Weekend, everyone! x Susan

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  1. I love the Mr Whippy....but I especially love the fabric bunting. Perfect for the Royal Wedding coming up. What a find! WooHoo!

  2. Ha the coffee sign is what I need. If I ever find a tea-related one I'll swap you! The bunting is lovely, I might try making some like that with ribbon. x

  3. Great tk maxx finds - you cleaned up! Love them all, so wanting that bunting too, might pop into BHS to see if they have any left. Hope you have a fab night out and find something to wear (regular dilema in my house!). Scarlett x

  4. This reminds me of my childhood...along with an ice cream truck...there was a donut, those are some serious carbs...oh, for the old days...{sigh} Happy Pink Saturday and have a marvelous evening...

  5. What a cute post! Love the ice cream truck and your finds! :)

  6. Oh the English ice cream van, I remember it well! When I was little they had these oblong shaped cones that came with oblong shaped ice cream blocks in a wrapper that you would put in the cone...sounds complicated, I know:) But it was ssooooo good!

    I hope you had a wonderful night out and aren't too hungover!

  7. What great finds! I have to say I love the pink ice cream truck. The one in our neighborhood isn't nearly as cute. Happy Pink Saturday...your newest follower, Niki


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