Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Friend's Birthday

Last night was fab, the food was delicious at China Palace Restaurant, we ordered almost everything in the menu for 9 people, i was the only one who came without a partner, was picked up around 7.30pm by the birthday girl and her hubby and dropped home safe and sound around midnight, to my surprised I only had one glass of red wine at the Three Fishes club after dinner but had lots of Jasmine tea over Dinner, that's the one tea that I dont put sugar and milk.

The birthday girl in blue dress is the first girl I met when I first moved to the UK and she also lives close to my house then she introduced me to the other indonesian girls and they're the ones who taught me alot of things about living in the UK. I've decided to wear black coz I think it's a good color to hide my bulges and make me look slimmer (in denial MODE) but yes, I think i'll go on a diet and try to exercise starting tomorrow (fat chance).

I'm so glad that we decided to come home early last night coz we also just realized that today's a Mother's Day and I'll be popping over to hubby's parents later and need to buy some flowers for my mother in law.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. The food looks delicious. Take care.


  2. You all look lovely, and if you have any bulges they certainly don't show in that picture!

  3. Jasmine tea is so delicious, I don't think I'd have had room for wine either! :-)

    I don't know what you're talking about Mrs, there are no bulges I can see! You all look lovely and the food looks tasty!

    Jem xXx

  4. Looks like you had a great time. How wonderful you have found a circle of friends...that means so much!

  5. You look lovely - im a big fan of black clothing too :o) Food looks yummy - could eat that now...oh no will try and stop the craving! Scarlett x

  6. Susan, It looks like you had a good time. You look beautiful! The food looks good too, Susan.
    Blessings, Beth


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