Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Sunday!

I've been quite busy last week that I haven't got time to blog, been doing alot of vaccuuming, ironing 5 feet worth of clothings, pulling out some weeds at the back garden and it's still not over yet! in the middle of it all, a friend of mine invited me to her BBQ party at her house near chichester, a nice break but was abit upset coz i found out i chipped the memory card in my digicam so i couldn't even take a single photo coz it kept showing the built in memory is full but i know i don't have a single pic inside as i always prepare my camera fully charged and emptied the pics inside it before i went, so this pic is a courtesy of my friend's taken from her iphone.

but I guess i have to be grateful as i went back home and found that i have a spare memory card and managed to take pics of a giveaway that I've won over NewEndStudio a few weeks back. A lovely Welsh Kitchen Recipe book, along with some cute ribbons and cute bookmarks all wrapped up so beautifully, How sweet! she even made me an early Birthday Bookmark! Thank you!

That's it for now, Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Happy Sunday, what a beautiful group of friends! You all look lovely. Great giveaway too, you lucky ducky! Scarlett x

  2. What sweet goodies you won, Susan! I especially like the cookbook...It reminds me of Autumn and Halloween. I'm glad you had a reprieve from work and had a good time with your friends - it helps balance in our lives.

    Oooo...I can't wait to see what you're creating. I always like the things you make. See you then!

    Marianne xo

  3. Looks like a lovely get together! And what a fabulous prize! I am yet to win a giveaway! Fingers crossed I do soon! x

  4. Happy Sunday lovely, sorry about your digicard!! I'm always breaking things though - too clumsy! Looks as though a great time was had at the barbecue - is that your Cath Kidston bag near the front of the photo? :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Hi Susan, glad your pressies arrived and you had fun opening them. Hope your Monday is off to a good start!

  6. Susan, cute photo looks like a nice time. I am excited you won a fun giveaway, you are so deserving for sure!! Blessings sweet one...see you for Tea!

  7. Hi Susan... your friends look like a fun group :). Glad you had a nice time with them.
    You are so lucky with giveaways, I am too. I have won a few :)

  8. Great pic! What a shame about your camera, I always panic if I think my camera isn't working!

    Victoria xx


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