Monday, August 1, 2011

An Easy Craft and a Little Sneak Peek

Remember the wooden tumbling tower game that I bought for 40p at a charity shop awhile back? i finally managed to make good use of it by dividing them into 4 square blocks and glued each piece to make a HOME sign. an Easy Peasy craft and i used my leftover fabric for the word and duck egg paint for the blocks.

...and right now i'm doing the dominoes that i also bought for 40p, will blog about it as soon as i'm finished. Another thing that i'm doing for the past couple of weeks while sitting watching tv after having dinner is....the granny squares!

I don't know when this will be finished though as i need to crochet at least 20 or so more of this squares and hopefully i can combine them into a granny blanket for the winter *fingers crossed*.


  1. I really like the home sign..such a creative idea. Wow, your granny squares are looking great..are they quite easy to do? Do share a photo of the blanket when you are finished it, I would love to see how it turns out. I love granny square blankets..I have looked on ebay in the past to buy one..but they can be quite costly (especially for the ones with the nice pastel colours to them).

  2. Your granny squares are amazing!! I cant wait to see your finished blanket! The home blocks are super cute, you really are so talented. Scarlett x

  3. These are lovely, and so much cheaper than similar blocks in the shops. I've given up on crochet - but I have been making Christmas decorations, seasonal or what?!

  4. cute crafting dear one! those granny squares remind me of my nana who would crochet all the time. She made us all blankets. she taught me how to crochet but once you dont' use it you lose it and that makes me SAD! I need to revisit that! Cheers to you!

  5. I love the blocks :)
    All winter I have been telling myself I will start a crocheted rug, but just didn't get around to it...too much time looking at my beloved blogs I think :D
    Marilyn x

  6. The blocks look beautiful now that you've 'Susaned' them - your style is so feminine and pretty, really makes great use of the blocks and gives them a totally new lease of life! :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S - your granny squares are brill!!

  7. Great idea with the blocks they look fab! your sqaures are looking great too, love the colours you are using :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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