Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dominoes Pendant

Remember the Dominoes that I bought awhile back from the charity shop for 40p? i finally could make good use of it and make them as pendants, although unfortunately it's not the tiled ones but rather wooden dominoes, however i'm happy with the result :)


* Dominoes (wooden or tiled ones)
* PVC Glue/ Mod Podge (i'm using Mod podge)
* Scrapbook paper/printed images of your choosing
* scissor
* 3D diamond glaze/ I'm using Anita's 3D Clear Gloss Finish Liquid Embossing
* E6000 glue/any strong super glue
* Bails/Findings
* Necklace

Click the pic to enlarge to see the step by step tutorial

I used the theme of Alice in Wonderland simply because i love it and the pendant can be used both sides too :) I'm going to put this in my online shop as soon as i get all the neccessary things as I still dont have enough necklace for each of them.

..and hopefully i'll find the tiled dominoes so i can make more :)


  1. These are stunning, Susan. I'll look out for dominoes for you if you like!

  2. These are great, love the theme of Alice, so cute :) Great makes Susan.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. They are just beautiful. What a creative idea! :)

  4. I've seen something a bit similar, but yours are far better. I'm certain these will go like hot (tea and) cakes! You should definitely do a craft fair sometime xx

  5. Those make lovely necklace pendants..such a great idea. Thanks for the tutorial as well. I guess one could make some as magnets as well. I love the Alice in Wonderland theme..I will keep an eye out for when you put them on your shop :)

  6. Beautiful! I used to make some like this with the diamond glaze - used to be a pain to try and get the air bubbles out! Yours are perfect :o) Scarlett x

  7. These look absolutely gorgeous hun! You've done brilliantly getting the surface wrinkle-free (mine are a little lumpy!) and the images you've chosen are very you too! Alice in Wonderland is so timeless that we all still love it today :-)

    Jem xXx

  8. oh my..I am in LOVE, these are so soft and so so so pretty!

  9.! These are fantastic! I love the surface, too. What a great idea and I know they'll sell in your shop.

    I'll be posting some good news soon. I'm also in the process of getting my health back in shape.

    Keep faith in God about your family and your surroundings. All things are possible with Him.

    Keep creating, dear,
    Marianne xo

  10. I just spotted the tea cup necklace in the top photo - I am selling them on folksy! What a coincidence! Love the dominoe necklace! Very pretty x


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