Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keep Calm and Drink Tea

I saw the news today about London Riot and across the UK, it's terrible! coincidentally, I also heard from my family in Jakarta that there's a riot going on between the neighborhood where my family lives with the other neighborhood! what the world's coming into? it's just sad and my family and i were asking each other if we're all okay. I hope everyone's okay too!

I guess the only thing I can do is to keep calm and hoping that the police will sort things out as soon as possible and brought those who initiate riots, looters and those who burnt buildings/shops to Justice.

Anyways, My Tea Time tuesday submission is a simple one, I'm drinking Jasmine tea simply coz the aroma makes me calm and love the taste of it and I made rice krispies tidbits that was taught by my dear mother in law many months ago and it's easy to make.

It's easy to make from rice pops, toffee candies, butter and marshmallows. Just melt the toffee candies with butter and marshmallow together and pour it into the rice pops and keep it overnight in the fridge.

I took these pics months ago when she tried to demonstrate to me on how to make it, you could say, it's my visual recipe from her :) Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

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  1. Your tea sounds like a great idea, love the little treat too :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Those little krispie cakes look delicious. And Jasmine tea is yum. I love your china, too! :)

  3. I love rice crispies, I haven't made them for awhile, but looking at how yummy yours looks, I may have to give them a go. The only problem is they are very more-ish, one piece is never enough :P

    It's so terrible about the riots :( I hope your family will stay safe.

  4. Love your tea cup collage! Such a pretty cup!
    I too, love rice crispies. I haven't had them for many years now. But I did love them when I had them!
    I hope you are having a really good summer.
    Let's hope the riots stop. I just got off Skype with my friend in the UK and they are quite worried about them.

  5. Mmmm.... I love the idea of a carmalized krispie treat. Yummy!

  6. Love that saying...keep calm, drink tea! That's the truth, isn't it? Love the photo tea collage too, cute colors.

    Happy Tea Tuesday!

  7. Hello Susan,
    you are right, we can't do anything against this riots and other problems. I hope, your family stays safe and all the trouble will change soon to normality.
    Thank you for making such a delicious tea time. God will have a look for everybody.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  8. Hope your family stay safe susan its been a crazy year over the world we had all the stress earlier in the year with my husbands family in tunisia and now with all going on in london i hope nothing happens near any of my family who live there...... crazy crazy world!
    On a happier note the rice crispie squares look yummy ;)

  9. Oh, I pray the riots stop soon, Susan!
    Your teacup is a cutie and Hubby loves rice krispie squares. I haven't made them in a number of months. Yours look delish and the collage is fun. Thanks for sharing with us.


  10. Hi sweets, so sorry to hear there has been trouble in Jakarta as well, I had no idea. Glad your family are ok, it's such a worry when everyone is so far flung.

    I LOVE rice krispie cakes, these sound extra good (and bad for you) with the addition of the toffee candies. Did you use werthers originals or something? I usually just make the chocolate ones with the kids, but the marshmallow ones are best!

  11. Sad to hear there has also been trouble in Jakarta! I hope your family and friends over there are safe and well!!


  12. OH my the teacups are so so pretty! I LOVE rice krispy treats so much..one of the staples of my childhood (as sad as it probably is..HA!) They are so fun and easy to make, we often shape them into so many different fun forms. Great post sweetie and hope all calms down there for you, pretty stressful! Hugs Trish

  13. Hi Susan: I too am sick about what is happening in London. It breaks my heart. It seems like our world is in need of Jesus more than even in it's history. All we can do is pray. I love your tea cups the do look wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us this week. You make Tea Cup Tuesday special. Blessings, Martha


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